Historic sugar maple must come down but Tree Trust invites people to leave a message beforehand

ELORA – After more than a century on the grounds of the former Elora Public School, now home to the Elora Centre for the Arts, Tree Trust is sad to announce that the last historic sugar maple is coming down.

This tree was one of a number that ringed the former schoolyard. 

They were planted by David  Boyle, a renowned and progressive teacher who served as the school’s principal between 1871 and 1881.

Like so many of the old sugar maples in the community, the tree is in decline.  

In 2019, Tree Trust spearheaded work in the canopy to help preserve it.  

But the arts centre’s exciting expansion plans will impact the tree by compacting its roots, which will eventually prove fatal.  

Thus, the difficult decision has been made to bring the tree down in March.  

Before that happens though, Tree Trust encourages people to leave a note or picture to thank this tree for its role contributing to our urban canopy, sheltering students and wildlife, storing carbon and … well, being part of the community for generations. 

Truly, it has stood as a connection between past students and the learning that flourishes in the arts centre today. 

Students’ artwork from the Montessori School of Elora is already adorning the tree.

A new sugar maple and a number of saplings – offspring of a similarly aged maple tree – will be planted at a dedication ceremony this fall.  

Visit TreeTrust.ca to learn more about its efforts to help preserve trees in the community.