High school works with police on robotics

Robotics teach­er Kevin Reid and Grade 11 student Eric Larocque have made some significant changes to the Guelph Police Services Tactical Unit Robot over the past few months.

They are both at Our Lady of Lourdes high school – as a student and teacher.

Reid and Larocque brought the robot’s technology up to date with changes to relay electronics system and convert­ed it to a wireless control system and added electronic and proportional speed control­lers, as well as mounted dual video cameras on the robot and portable control with a video monitor.

Sergeant Douglas Pflug said the Guelph Police Service is grateful to partner with the school on this initiative.

Lourdes is a leader in robotics in Ontario and the school’s expertise in that area will now pay big dividends to the citizens Guelph from a safety perspective.

Last April, the school competed in the World Robotic Championships where the students finished in the top 20% of the world.