Hey neighbour

We don?t tend to publish silhouetted photos and stories with anonymous sources. It?s not necessarily good journalism and we still harbour the belief that if a story is worth telling someone should stand up and be known.

There are times, though, when that is not a realistic filter for what is fit for print. Domestic violence cases, young offender scandals, people truly scared of a backlash from negative publicity and a host of other issues are occasions where victims involved are owed some respect and privacy.

That is how we viewed a rather shy visitor to the office this week.

It seems the anti wind turbine folks, specifically the faction that is somewhat militant, has taken to badgering neighbours, hounding landowners and berating by flyers those who happen to favour wind-power. Whether those pro-folks are applicants, hosts by virtue of signed contracts or people who buy into green power at all costs, everyone has a right to an opinion.

He wished to write a letter in defense of wind-power and against letters he describes as propaganda for the anti wind  turbine crowd. But, and this is where the need for a silhouetted photo comes in, he fears for his own safety based on what has happened to neighbours that have leased or are looking to lease their land for wind turbines.

It is a sad time indeed when debate is stifled by force or fear of force. The irony of that statement is not lost on us, nor should it be on our readers.

By force, the landscape in spots across this county and province were abducted for use in a high stakes game to meet the fuzzy goals of the Green Energy Act. Local councils were bounced by force by the provincial government from any real decision making power.

Citizens with concerns, whether health-related or monetary, were essentially dismissed as not in my backyard opponents with vested interests in their property values.

That forced change in the countryside also has something to do with the Greenbelt legislation which shelters other areas from rampant development.

This is a very difficult issue that has turned quite nasty, with no soon end in sight.

But neighbours are still neighbours and sometimes, some deeds make that a pretty tough existence when certain lines have been crossed.

It is something we hope folks will think about.