Heritage Day at museum offers tribute to Fergus’ 175th anniversary

The Wellington County Museum and Archives celebrates Heritage Day and the 175th anniver­sary of the founding of Fergus on Feb 10 from noon to 4pm.
The afternoon includes lively entertainment, food, and displays from various cultural groups in the area.
Heritage Day is an oppor­tunity to celebrate the archi­tectural heritage and historic plac­es of Canada.
The Heritage Canada Foun­dation promotes the third Mon­day in February each year as Heritage Day. This year we celebrate Work that Endures; Careers in Built History.
Entertainment includes the Grand Celtic Pipe Band, dancers from the McDonald School of Scottish Dance, Cen­tre Wellington High School drama The Founding of Fergus and the Tir Na Nog Dance Aca­demy.
WhirlyGig will finish off the afternoon with some enter­taining tunes, with a fiddle, pip­es and key board trio. 
Displays will highlight the activities of Fergus 175th anni­versary committee and other local history groups including the Wellington County Histori­cal Society and the Centre Wellington Heritage Commit­tee.  There will be activities for families and children through­out the building.
This year’s event also coincides with the public opening of the museum’s newest exhibit: Small Town Giant, Beatty Brothers of Fergus 1874 – 1964.
Also new this season is the Memories of My Mother, a collection of Hooked Art in the exhibit hall and Egypt: Gift of the Nile, the traveling exhibit from the Royal Ontario Muse­um, on display until Feb. 29.
The Archives Reading Room will be open for those who are interested in learning more about local family his­tory. 
The museum is located on County Road 18 between Fer­gus and Elora. Call 846-0916 extension 221 for more infor­mation or if you have a group that would like to participate.