Healthy living means happy living, with a hot tub or pool from Pollock Pools & Spas

Self-care isn’t a healthcare trend, it’s a necessity. Did you know one of the best ways to take care of your physical and mental health is to create an oasis at home, a place where you can relax, turn off the phone and connect with family or friends? Pollock Pools can help make your oasis a reality. Everybody in the hot tub!

Yes, the hot tub. Hydrotherapy is a holistic approach to health and wellness,  designed to relieve stress and restore the body’s natural equilibrium. The combination of immersion, heat, steam and hydromassage improves blood circulation, may lower blood pressure, reduces muscle tension, by both invigorating and relaxing the body.

Plus, there are the undeniable mental health benefits of stress-reduction, rejuvenation and enhanced sleep results. So put the phones away. Invite your special someone, or the spend quality time with quality people in the comfort of your own backyard, in every season, whatever the reason. Hydrotherapy hot tubs aren’t for luxury, they are for life. Let that soak in while you imagine sinking in to your own Marquis spa.

Marquis is a brand renowned for their beautiful and ergonomic design, creating the ultimate relaxation experience. Their hot tubs offer advanced hydrotherapy massage with powerful performance. At 160 gallons of pulsing water per minute in a grouping of jets targeting large muscle groups such as shoulders, neck, lower back, legs and feet. Whether it’s sore tissue, fascia or joints that need the support, Marquis’s hydrotherapy hot tubs are an investment in self-care.

Marquis hydrotherapy hot tubs are good for your body, inside and out. Now that you know what they can do for your muscles, cardiovascular and stress levels, consider what it can do for your largest organ: the skin. A Marquis hot tub with Microsilk is like “like giving your entire body an oxygen facial.” Microsilk adds  oxygen into the water, moisturizing and hydrating your skin, promoting rapid skin cell regeneration that reduces fine lines and benefits the health of your skin and circulation.  Many hot tub manufacturers offer similar options promising similar results, but the team at Pollock Pools believe Marquis has perfected MicroSilk. Trust the experts on this one. This is just one reason you’ll find Marquis in the Pollock Pools hot tub showroom.

But it’s not just the superior quality of the Marquis brand that inspires Pollock Pools to sell their selection of hot tubs, it’s also the manufacturer’s business

acumen. An innovative and progressive company that is employee-owned ensures Marquis offers comprehensive customer care second to none. Pollock Pools, a family run and operated business with more than 30 years serving the communities of Guelph and Wellington County, shares this commitment to putting customers first. Only the best will do.

Come visit the Pollock Pools and Spas showroom, with a whole section dedicated to hot tubs, featuring a great selection of Marquis spas in various sizes, styles and colours. As your one stop shop, Pollock Pools offers full service, from installation to water care products and covers to protect your hot tub all year round. Water is their business. Trust them to offer expert advice to ensure you make the right decisions for your needs. From installation to maintenance, the team at Pollock Pools want you to be confident in your purchase and in their service.

Check out the new in-ground fibreglass hot tub options, a growing trend Canadian-made. Pollock Pools can install these too.

Maybe a Swim Spa is more your speed. Otherwise known as Aquatic Training Vessels, they offer the benefit of low impact exercise. Low maintenance and easy to use, they also provide fun and functionality for the whole family.

If you want to make a splash this summer, the name says it all – Pollock Pools install fiberglass or composite pools, concrete and vinyl lined indoor or outdoor. Their trained staff will take you from design to installation with a quality you can trust. Pollock focuses on the construction, aesthetics and functionality of the layout to transform your backyard into a stay-cation of your dreams.

Since outdoor pools and barbeques go together, we should mention another product that Pollock Pools is proud to sell. It’s called the Big Green Egg. It’s a barbeque.  It’s a grill.  It’s an oven.  And it’s a smoker.  It is, to quote the manufacturer, ‘The Ultimate Cooking Experience’. It lives up to its name when it comes to appearance.  It does, indeed, look like a Big Green Egg!

Healthy living means happy living, so whether it’s a hydrotherapy hot tub, a swim spa, or your hosting an epic pool party with a great barbecue to feed the masses, Pollock Pools is the place to start. Dive in. Visit the showroom at Pollock Pools and Spas. You’ll see why they love water and want to be sure you do too.

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