Happenings and highlights from Wellington Terrace

Aboyne – The residents and staff of Wellington Terrace have been enjoying the sun­shine, and are looking forward to getting out for rides on the bikes and the golf cart that we are able to use in the warmer months here at our home.

There are several volun­teers, staff, and family mem­bers who have received train­ing to use the special Duet bikes that allow for one resi­dent to sit in a seat at the front of a customized bike, while the driver manipulates the bike to take them for rides on our property, as well as the Cataract Trail behind our home.

This is a wonderful experi­ence for the person biking, as well as the resident partici­pating in the ride, and the Terrace is always looking for volunteers to receive thorough training and information for this volunteer position.  See the contact information at the end of this article to learn more about volunteering in this special role.

This year, the residents’ council of Wellington Terrace is proud to host its second annual art exhibit.

The exhibit features the talents of resident Louise Goldsmith and her stud­ents, a select group of residents and guests of Wellington Ter­race.  Throughout the year the group meets once a week to create a variety of water­colours.

The exhibit’s focus this year is its Chinese art work, The Year of the Rat.  The art exhibit is open to the community for viewing on May 30 from 2 to  3pm.  Feel free to drop by and enjoy the local talent.

The Terrace is proud to have their works of art out on display.

The Maple Ridge neigh­bourhood is the place to be on Thursday mornings, as our dining room is transformed into the neighbourhood bowling alley. We have reason to cele­brate with almost everyone getting a strike last week.

Our Sowing the Seeds program is off to a great start with the seeds sprouting and growing each day.

We would like to say a big thank you to all our volunteers who enrich and give so much to our neigh­bourhood. Thank you so much.

Volunteer Services of Well­ington Terrace is recruiting for a variety of volunteer roles and positions for the spring and summer seasons.

Students play a big part in filling these roles, with their school holidays starting in June.

Anyone in grade 8 or older, who wants to gain experience and knowledge in working in a long term care setting, then look no further.

The Wellington Terrace offers many areas and services where volunteers would be of great assistance, with examples including:  ac­companying staff on our golf cart rides with residents, taking residents outside for strolls and enjoying our lovely gardens, going on outings and picnics, helping out with small group barbecue meals, ice cream café, and afternoon and evening re­freshment assistance for resi­dents.

Anyone interested in work­ing with people, exploring different career opportunities, and gaining valuable experi­ence to add to their résumés, contact Mary Black at (519) 846-5359, extension 266, or maryb­@county.wellington.on.ca for more information.

As al­ways, we thank our won­derful volunteers who contri­bute so much  to our residents each and every day, including those who volunteer their time at Wellington Terrace, as well as the special group of people who volunteer so many hours at our Second Time ‘Round store in Elora. Thank you.

Look for more details about our summer events and programs in our next article of Happenings and Highlights of Wellington Terrace in June.

Compiled by members of the Life Enrichment Depart­ment of Wellington Terrace