Guelph Police advise to keep homes number visible for safety

GUELPH – Ever wondered why some people have such large house numbers displayed on their residence while others have smaller more decorative numbers?

According to Guelph Police Service Sergeant Douglas Pflug, there are several good reasons to make sure that house numbers are large enough to be easily read from the street.

1. Police: This is an emergency service that people will want to be able to find their home quickly and easily if there is a need to call them. “You wouldn’t want to slow down their response time due to their inability to see your house number.”

2. Fire and Ambulance: When there is a medical emergency at the home, people  will want the fire or ambulance driver to be able to easily locate the house. In that kind of situation, every second counts. Having a house number that is visible from the street could make the difference between life and death.

3. Visitors: When visitors are arriving from out of town or people are making deliveries (take-out food) they may have difficulty finding the house due to being unfamiliar with the town or neighborhood. Help alleviate some last minute frustration by making the  house number easy to see as they drive up the street.

Pflug added that in addition to having the house number large enough to read from the street, homeowners should also consider whether or not it is visible at night.

He said, “I have attended emergency calls at night and it makes it very difficult when the house number is poorly displayed or covered. Seconds count and I’d strongly encourage everyone to make their number more visible. If emergency services are trying to find your address in the dark of night you will want those house numbers illuminated as well.”