Guelph Gremlins Model Flying Club turns 60

The Guelph Gremlins Mod­el Flying Club is one of the oldest in Can­ada. It started as a u-control club spearhead­ed by young men, including Frank Basso and Ollie Baker.
In 1956, John Artuso was part of a very small group in Guelph who sparked an interest in Radio Control. The Grem­lins were still flying u-control at that time, but by the late 1950s had switched over to radio control, taking the name of the club with them. The club has grown steadily, with an average membership of ap­proximately 50.
The Gremlins are involved in the com­munity with the Air Cadets, Boy Scouts, Cubs, and setting up a teaching forum at one of the senior citizens homes, plus bringing seniors to the field on day trips.
All members must pass a test before flying solo.
Over the years the club membership has had the pri­vilege of flying with some ac­complished pilots. The very first qualified woman radio control helicopter pilot in Can­ada was a member of the club. In addition, Ivan Kristensen, one of the world’s top flyers, is an active member.
The membership includes a number of father-son teams where the son has fol­low­ed in his father’s footsteps.
Basso, Artuso, and Baker have remained active members since the founding of the club and are now honorary members.