Guelph/ Eramosa youth heads to Australia for agricultural summit

A Guelph/Eramosa youth is heading to Canberra, Australia to attend the 2015 Youth Ag-Summit. Cassandra Chornoboy is one of two international alumni mentors selected to attend this year’s summit.

She was chosen to attend the inaugural Youth Ag-Summit in 2013 in Calgary as a delegate, but she is heading to Australia this year as a mentor.

One hundred youths aged 18 to 25 from 33 countries will attend the summit, which will take place from August 24 to 28, to discuss solutions to feed a growing population.

“In 2050 it is estimated that the planet will have 9 billion people and there is less farmland and less resources everyday in the world,” said Chornoboy.

According to their website, the summit will tackle global food challenges in agriculture, food security, environmental and social stewardship. Those who wanted to attend the summit had to write an essay outlining their plan to solve the issues to create a more sustainable society. This year, the summit received over 2,000 essays from 87 countries, with only 100 being chosen to attend.

“It’s pretty much bringing together young leaders, not necessarily agricultural or have an agricultural background but most do, from across the globe to discuss issues surrounding the global food crisis that the world is going to be in,” said Chornoboy.

She said it was great to work with people form all over the world and has kept in contact with a number of people from the last summit.

“I can’t even explain how interested in it is to hear how even someone’s average day (differs) from someone from South Africa in comparison to someone from Chile in comparison to someone from here,” she said.

She said she hopes for a concrete plan of what they are going to accomplish and how, but she also said it is important to recognize that one plan that would work here in Canada may not work elsewhere.

“The plans are very different in different parts of the world so getting a plan in place for different area or different climate would be ideal,” she said.

Chornoboy said education is key when it comes to solving the agricultural challenges.

“A handout will only last so long but teaching will last forever,” she said.  

Those seeking more information can find out about the summit at