Guelph-Eramosa remains vigilant on energy use

BRUCEDALE – The Township of Guelph-Eramosa had adopted a new Energy Management Plan designed to continue the progress in recent years of reducing consumption of electricity and fuel.

The plan for 2019 to 2024 was presented to council at its Jan. 13 meeting by CAO Ian Roger and unanimously endorsed. It replaced the previous five-year plan that had been mandated under the Ontario Green Energy Act, with the new plan now covered by the Electricity Act.

“The township will continually strive to improve energy efficiency in our facilities and operating procedures that will result in reduction of our operating costs, our energy consumption and reduced production of greenhouse gas emissions,” the plan states.

Baseline data from 2011 shows the township was using 1.32 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, and 151,574 cubic metres of natural gas.  The township has replaced many inefficient, high-consumption pieces of equipment. Roger reported that updated usage for 2017 was 1.06 million kilowatt-hours, a reduction of 19% in electricity use, and 104,180 cubic metres of natural gas, a reduction of 31%.

Staff will target energy use in buildings, wastewater facilities, street lighting, sports field lighting and within the workforce culture.

“The municipality will focus on more in-depth evaluation of its energy usage as it relates to the corporate asset management plan,” said Roger. “There are no large improvements/replacements at this point that will significantly reduce usage and going forward all forward improvements will rely on incremental changes or new technology.”

Measures to reduce energy use, such as LED conversion for streetlights or buildings are brought forward annually as part of the budget approval.