Guelph-Eramosa grants final assumption of George Ware Lane

At the Feb. 15 meeting Guelph-Eramosa council granted the final assumption of George Ware Lane in Rockwood. The private road in a condo corporation consists of six units, one which has yet to be built.  

Township clerk Meaghen Reid explained there are some streetlights on the property that have not been energized.

“So basically they were constructed and it looks as though it would be up to the condo corp. as to whether or not they would like to have those energized,” Reid explained.

She said R. J. Burnside and Associates was comfortable with granting final assumption.

The road is private so the municipality will not hold any responsibility for energizing the lights in the future.

Director of public works Harry Niemi explained there is a letter on file where the condo corp. president acknowledges the corporation has chosen not to energize the lights.

“So at the end of the day the net of this is based on the agreements we put together, we’ve gone in and done all our inspecting and stuff and we’re at the point now where you can say for a word that the laneway’s okay to handle by the condo corp.,” White said. “It’s still not our laneway but we had to ensure that it met certain municipal standards.”