Guelph/Eramosa councillors’ annual pay up by nearly 9%

BRUCEDALE – Remuneration for Guelph/Eramosa’s mayor and councillors was reported during the township’s regular meeting of council on March 4. 

Last year,  Mayor Chris White received $44,680 in remuneration and councillors Corey Woods, Mark Bouwmeester, Bruce Dickieson and Steven Liebig received $27,594. 

The councillors’ pay is up 8.6 per cent from $25,399 in 2022, and the mayor’s is up 7.2% from $41,671. 

The total paid to Guelph/Eramosa council in 2023, including expenses, was $161,061. 

That’s up from $146,762 in 2022.

Expenses include mileage, travel, conference meals and parking. 

Woods claimed the most expenses: $1,571 for mileage and travel and $1,056 for conference meals and parking, while Dickieson did not claim any expenses.

The remuneration report, presented by finance director Linda Cheyne, also included a record of meeting attendance. 

Bouwmeester was absent from two meetings in 2023, while all other council members had perfect attendance.