Guelph-Eramosa council paid $76,475

Guelph-Eramosa council was paid  $76,475 in salary and expenses last year.
As expected, the majority of that total was for regular pay and pay for meetings, which totaled $66,696.
Mayor Chris White re­ceived a regular salary of $13,946 plus $8,100 for extra meetings, for a total of $22,046.
Councillors Doug Breen, John Scott, and Reta Moyer all received a base pay of $9,297, while councillor Roger Knapp was docked $400 for missing four meetings after Nov. 1, and received $8,897 in base pay.
Breen was paid $2,925 for extra meetings for a total of $12,222. Moyer was paid $2,025 for extra meetings for a total of $11,322. Scott was paid $1,725 for extra meetings for a total of $11,022. And Knapp received $1,185 for extra meetings for a total of $10,082.
Under training and conference per diems, White was paid $1,155, Moyer received $880, Scott was paid $770, Knapp was paid $440, and Breen re­ceived $275.
For mileage, White re­ceived $1,578, Scott received $784, Breen got $588 (al­though he said some of those expenses should have fallen under conference accom­mo­dation and parking), Moyer re­ceived $426, and Knapp re­ceived $159.
For accommodation and parking at conferences, Scott was paid $918, Moyer received $908, and White was paid $893, while Breen and Knapp did not have any expenses in that category.
The grand totals for each councillor, which include all expenses, regular pay, and pay for extra meetings, are:
– White, $25,674;
– Moyer, $13,537;
– Scott, $13,495;
– Breen, $13,086; and
– Knapp, $10,681.