Guelph-Eramosa council approves over $18,000 in donations for 2008

by Chris Daponte
BRUCEDALE – Guelph-Eramosa council approved $18,300 in donations on Monday night to various community organizations and events.
The list of approved monetary donations, which does not include in-kind donations of equipment and services, is as follows:
– $100 each to the A­berfoyle Agricultural Society, Acton Fall Fair, Erin Fall Fair, and Fergus Agricultural Soci­ety;
– $200 to the Kiwanis Music Festival (paid last month);
– $300 to Wellington Farm and Home Safety;
– $400 to Woodlawn Cem­etery;
– $500 each to the Guelph Township Horticultural Society and the Rockwood Lions Club;
– $6,000 to the East Well­ington Family Health Team (paid last month); and
– $10,000 to the East Wellington Advisory Group.
The township also donated $2,000 for the sponsorship of the Guelph Rowing Club Cana­dian Open Masters Rowing Competition to be held Aug. 15 to 17 at the Guelph Lake club.
That club has headquarters within Guelph-Eramosa boun­daries.
However, that donation is included in the economic development portion of the 2008 budget, so it does not show up on the regular list of donations.
In total, council has set aside $21,000 for donations in this year’s budget. Minus the donations approved on Mon­day, there is $2,700 remaining in possible donations for this year.
Council waives fee
Earlier in the meeting on Monday night, council voted to waive the hall rental fee for a dinner and dance fundraiser at Rockmosa community centre this spring.
The event, referred to as “The Goods Weekend to End Breast Cancer” benefit by delegation member Colleen Ens, will take place on May 10.
The goal of the fundraiser, which will include music by The Good Brothers, is to raise money for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer fundraiser in September, Ens said.
She explained that each walk­er in the Toronto event must raise $2,000 to be eligible to participate, and she hopes the benefit will raise enough money to allow at least two team members to take part in the 60km walk.
“I can envision us being sold out for this amazing night,” Ens told council.
She added that her group is willing to clean the hall after the event, and asked council to waive the rental fee so the group can raise even more money.
Manager of Parks and Recreation Robin Milne told council the rental fee for the hall is $450, plus insurance, a special event permit, and bartender costs, which are to be covered by the individual renting the hall.
Milne said the township does use a discount for “affiliated groups,” although when asked he said the cost to the township would be “very minimal” if the rental fee is waived completely.
 Mayor Chris White said it does not make sense to charge the group $450 when the goal of the event is to raise money for breast cancer research.
“I think it’s a worthwhile cause,” White said. “It’s the kind of event we want in our community.”
 Councillor Doug Breen noted that the Lions club will be involved in the event on some level, and that group is granted a few free rentals of the hall per year in any case.
“I think it’s a no-brainer as well,” Breen said of waiving the rental fee.
The rest of council agreed, and unanimously approved waiving the rental fee for the event.
Councillor Roger Knapp was absent.