Guelph company suggests Minto tries for infrastructure funds

For Minto councillors, it seemed a statement of the obvious.

Councillors here recently reviewed correspondence from Guelph-based Cox Construc­tion suggesting the municipality might consider applying for infrastructure funding to pave the way for better roads in the municipality.

Regan Cox wrote, “The most commonly used publicly owned property is the road infrastructure … It is your town’s largest single asset and when combined with water and waste water infrastructure, provides the most vital and essential needs for our community.” Cox informed council of the Canadian government providing a unique funding opportunity to invest in the municipality’s infrastructure.

“I urge you personally and on behalf of Cox Construction Limited to take advantage of this unique funding offer.”

Cox also said the company was ready to discuss any concerns the town might have about its company being able to take on additional workload.

“Oh that’s a novel idea,” councillor Rick Hembly said (slightly tongue in cheek).

Council and staff are well aware of federal and provincial funds available for infrastructure projects. Council has made numerous applications over the last few years.

Mayor David Anderson said, “A lot of this is already covered through the applications we’ve been putting in. They just sent us a letter to make sure we were on board.”

“We’re so far on board … we’re overboard,” he chuckled.

“It’s good they’re looking after us,” Hembly added.

“… just in case we are falling asleep …” Anderson concluded.