Guelph Arts Council sets criteria for artist relief fund applications

The local arts council has announced the criteria and application process for the artist relief fund have now been established to provide short-term financial as­sistance to local artists living with debilitating health issues.

In order to be eligible for assistance through the fund, applicants must be professional artists living in Guelph or Wellington County and earning their primary income through their artistic endeavours. 

Applications will be receiv­ed and reviewed on an ongoing basis by the Guelph Arts Council artist relief fund committee, with the prime cri­terion being the need for funds rather than the quality of art­work.

The amount awarded each year will be dependent on the number of applicants, the spe­ci­fic needs of each eligible artist, and the amount of money available. The maximum amount available for each indi­vidual application is $500.

The creation of the fund in 2008 was in response to a grow­ing realization of the plight of self-employed artists whose health leaves them un­able to work and, unfortu­nately, also unable to collect unemployment insurance or other government benefits.  The emergency financial assis­tance provided through this fund is made possible by dona­tions that Guelph Arts Council receives throughout the year. 

Guidelines and application forms as well as a compre­hensive list of additional resources are available from the Guelph Arts Council office or can be downloaded from­ments­_detail.php?organisation=4&offset=0&did=261).

More information is available at at 519-836-3280 or