Groves awards contract for its CT scanner

Groves Mem­orial Community Hospital board chairman Janet Vallery, said Tuesday the board awarded the con­tract for its Computed Tomo­graphy (CT) scanner. Siemens Canada Limi­ted was chosen.

“Siemens is able to provide a CT scanner that fits both the hospital’s clinical needs and the projected budget,” said Vallery.

Highlights of the purchase include hospital redevel­opment costs to house the scan­ner, staff training, continuing medical education, and a fixed price commitment to move the equipment to the new hos­pital.

“Timing of the scanner’s arrival is dependent on the CT Plus Campaign’s ability to raise the $3-million foundation target for the equipment” said Vallery.

Ted Ecclestone, the campaign chairman, said, “We are moving closer to our financial target and we are confident the community will help us to achieve the purchase of this life-saving equipment.

A CT scan obtains images of parts of the body that cannot be seen on a standard x-ray. Those scans can result in earlier diagnosis and intervention in many condi­tions involving the brain, chest, abdomen and pelvis to cite just a few applications.

“A CT scanner is essential for the rapid and accurate as­sessment of patients-many of whom present with potentially life threatening conditions” said Dr. Rick Gergovich, spokesman for the campaign. “This 128 slice CT technology is state-of-the art and repre­sents an enormous benefit to our hospital and community.”  

Jerome Quenneville, Grov­es president and chief execu­tive officer, said, "The scanner will provide the best medical imaging capacity available to our community. The construc­tion is planned to start in early April to prepare space for the CT, and will take approxi­mately 12 weeks to complete."

Groves currently operates 44 beds, with over 230 staff and over 300 volunteers.

Those wishing to donate to the CT Plus Campaign can call Groves Hospital Founda­tion office at 519-843-2010 extension 268.