Group of four is crossing Canada for awareness, cure of prostate cancer

The journey from Victoria in British Columbia to St. John’s New­foundland included a stop at the Wellington Advertiser on July 6.

Sam Wade and three friends are cycling Canada in order to raise awareness for prostate cancer, and also to raise funds.

Wade, from Richmond, B.C., and his friends left Victoria on May 22 and he said in an interview that to date, they have raised $11,000 for the cause, with the ultimate goal being $25,000.

They hope to be done the second week of August.

The others riders are Fred Tsai, Brian Tong, and Tevis Bateman.

Wade’s inspiration for the ride is his grandfather, who is currently recovering from prostate cancer.

The university student is a regular participant in such things as the Terry Fox Run, and is involved as well with Big Brothers.

He founded SACK (Simple Acts of Charitable Kindness) whereby members participate in a community endeavour once a month.

Wade was alone when he visited Fergus. His friends were in Burlington, visiting family and friends, and Wade was planning a trip to Guelph to visit a friend recovering from prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in Canadian men. It usually grows slowly and can often be cured or managed successfully.

Anyone who wants to make a donation can do so at the group’s website, www.pedal­ers­