Group launches Earth Day resolution challenge

FERGUS – The Food Forest Centre Wellington group launched a “Plant for Our Planet” challenge to spark the idea of making an Earth Day resolution. 

The initiative, launched at the Seedy Saturday event at Aboyne hall on March 25, was created to encourage individuals and community groups to make a commitment to help rebuild lost biodiversity. 

“We need nature, and nature needs us,” stated Food Forest CW member Evelyn Gould in a press release.

“But careful thought must go into our planting. Poor human judgement can have devastating effects on our environment.”

The group encourages research prior to planting and notes Plant for Our Planet resolutions, leading up to Earth Day on April 22, could include:

– planting a tree(s) and care for them for two years;

– planting with native species and diversity in mind;

– increasing natural food security by planting a garden and/or backyard food forest;

– planting a pollinator bed, with continuous blooming to benefit pollinators;

– finding natural alternatives to pesticides;

– mowing less often and consider alternatives to grass, such as clover; and

– leaving naturalized areas for insect habitats.

Non-landowners can take part in the Earth Day challenge by committing to help remove invasive species and by supporting local organizations through the Elora Environment Centre such as Food Forest CW and Tree Trust. Email for more info.