Grinder offers three shows at the Elora Arts Centre next weekend

 Grinder Productions is back.
After last fall’s near-death experience and some financial restructuring, the theatre com­pany is getting back on its feet and shooting higher than ever, starting off with Resurrection, a weekend of three shows at the Elora Centre for the Arts Jan. 25 and 26th.
The weekend will kick off with Bad Words, 90 minutes of the scintillating, the scandal­ous, and the sensuous of Eng­lish literature. From the Anglo Saxon riddles to Shakespeare to Walt Whitman to the work of today’s scribes, the silly romp through history will tickle the funny bone and cast aside any notion that good literature must be boring.
There is a family show at 2pm on Saturday, with Come Play With Us, an afternoon of children’s variety entertain­ment. Using story-telling, songs, theatre games, and lots of audi­ence participation this is the perfect introduction to the world of theatre for anyone age 5 and up.
Finally, on Saturday even­ing at 8pm there is Love Notes, a lyrical journey of love and laughter, set to music. 
Not a word is spoken by the perfor­mer as he ventures forth in search of love, but his antics will amuse and delight.  The show will be of particular inter­est to singles (just in time for Valentine’s Day) but the them­es and music will appeal to everyone.
There is more.  Grinder Pro­ductions creative and execu­tive director Eric Goudie is making a one-time offer to anyone who comes to one of the shows: he will offer everyone who attends one role on stage in a future Grinder Productions event. 
It is like a reverse-audition: the part is guaranteed – all people have to do is show up.
Admission for all events is pay-what-you-can, suggested $10 for adults and $5 for kids and teens.
 Tickets are available at the door. For more infor­mation e-mail grinder­@­grinder­pro­