Green elected to AMO county caucus

Mapleton  Mayor John Green was elected to the Association of Muni­cipalities of Ontario (AMO) Board of Directors on Aug. 18 at the annual AMO conference in Ottawa.

Green is one of six members representing the county caucus.

“I am pleased to serve on the 2009-10 AMO board of directors, representing the county caucus,” said Green.

“I look forward to working to­gether on key issues facing rural communities in Ontario.”

The AMO board is made up of elected municipal officials and staff from all regions and communities in Ontario.

The board meets to discuss key municipal issues, sets policy priorities, and serves as support system for municipalities, bring­ing forward their messages to the provincial government.

In addition to his duties as Mayor of Mapleton Township, Green’s political experience includes over 30 years in municipal government, in­cluding serving as Wellington Coun­ty Warden three times,  chairman of the Board of Health,   being appointed to the advisory committee on rural planning (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs) and being actively involved in Wellington Coun­ty’s rural broadband internet initiative.

“I’d like to congratulate Mayor Green on his election to the AMO board of directors, county caucus,” said Well­ington County Warden Joanne Ross-Zuj.

“He has served the residents of Mapleton and the county very well for many years [and] will bring a lot of rural political experience to the AMO board of directors.”

AMO is a non-profit organization representing almost all of the 445 municipalities in Ontario.

It provides a variety of services and products to members and non-members.