Great Canadian Roadshow brings new light to local treasures in Guelph

When it comes to local treasures, these are the guys who have the answers.

The show was originally slated to be in town last week at the Guelph Best Western at the corner of Gordon and Stone Road until Saturday.

The show offered not only a chance to have local treasures assessed, but for locals to get a brief glimpse of other items gathered.

A central table illustrated different ceremonials swords, military items and even antique Wizard of Oz collectables.

Show manager Terry Koutros, said the response from the local community meant the show was extended until Dec. 3.

“We’re a buying show here,” he explained.

“We purchase antiques, precious metals, collectables.”

But not everyone who comes to the show is planning to sell.

“You can come in and have your item assessed and evaluated and if there is a collector out there, we can let you know.”

He explained the show works on behalf of a group of collectors.

“If we can match you up with your antique or collectable, we can make an offer on behalf of the collector.”

Koutros called the show “a phenomenal for residents to come in an educate themselves about specific items or an opportunity to sell it.”

With Christmas season around the corner, Koutros said, “it gives owners a chance to cash out on a particular item – should they choose.

The show also purchases gold and silver based on the prices of today.

“Gold right now is at an all-time high – for broken jewelry, gold or coins. A lot of people have been bringing in silver coins.”

Kourtros was excited to be back for a second week as a result of the local response.

Though the show tours across Ontario, “This is our first time in the Wellington County area,” he said.

“So far, it’s done really well for us. We’ve had over 400 people come in and we’ll definitely be back in the spring or summer.”

“It’s a beautiful area and one of the gems here in Ontario,” Koutros said.

“This week we’ve had some war memorabilia come in with an 1800s dress sword from Queen Victoria’s regiment. The sword was given as a reward to one of the soldiers.”

He said “It’s a fantastic sword in beautiful condition, and that sword went for quite a bit of money.”

“The sword had belonged to an older gentleman and was just sitting around the house. He wanted to see what it was worth, and we were able to fetch quite a bit of money because there was a collector looking for that type of item.”

He made mention of another gentleman who came in with a 1948 silver dollar.

That particular year was a low mintage dollar, “there’s not too many of them around.”

“He was able to walk out with just under $2,000 for that coin. He was ecstatic and almost fell off his chair.”