GRCA offers free parks June 8

RBC Roy­al Bank is sponsoring Gat­es Open – a day of free ad­mission on June 8 at all 12 GRCA conservation areas.

Gates Open is a signature event in Ontario for the com­pany’s community week, and builds off its Blue Water Project, a wide-ranging multi-year project to help ensure that people have clean fresh water today and tomorrow.

The GRCA’s network of 12 parks includes some of the most significant natural areas in southern Ontario yet are located within minutes of the cities and towns of the Grand River watershed. Last year there were more than 1.1 mil­lion paid visits to the parks.

Visitors on Gates Open day will be able to swim, picnic, hike, boat, bike, and more sur­rounded by the distinctive nat­ural setting of each park. The free admission does not include extra services such as camping and rentals.

More information on the parks is available at the GRCA website at Visitors can download a copy of the new GRCA park guide, Journey the Grand, which has information on each park, as well as the nearby communities of Grand River Country.