Grading and stormwater management work awarded to local contractor

Town council has awarded a nearly $800,000 contract for grading and stormwater management for the Lion’s Park in Palmerston.

The July 22 decision picked Moorefield Excavating from among four bidders.

The local bid was also the lowest of the four, which ranged from $797,685 to $1,106,882 plus applicable taxes.

Mayor David Anderson pointed out “the tender did go to the lowest bidder, and they are a taxpayer in the Town of Minto.”

Councillor Tammy Reiner asked for clarification of how much of the cost is covered through grants.

Treasurer Gord Duff said that amount is two-thirds, the remainder would be covered by the municipality.

The original grant was for two-thirds of $950,000, but the grant will only cover two-thirds of what is actually spent on the project. However, Duff believed the overall project will come close to that amount, possibly a bit under.

Truck purchase

Council also endorsed the public works committee recommendation of a new plow truck.

The purchase will be of a 2010 International 7500 plow truck – for a total cost of $86,647 – from Waycon International.

Pike Lake area speed limits

Council also endorsed a committee recommendation that the speed limit on the Pike Lake road from Highway 89 to the Pike Lake Resort entrance be reduced to 60 km/hr.

Councillor Wayne Martin said the move was made to slow down traffic in the area because of all the activity that goes on.

Harriston Speed Limits

Following Deputy Mayor Judy Dirksen’s concern at a public works meeting,regarding speeding motorists and left turns into the Harriston L&M market, Director of Public Works Norm Fisk advised that he would set up an electronic speed sign, follow up with the OPP to request an increased police presence and attend a public works meeting to discuss traffic statistics for the town.

Emergency discharge from Harriston lagoon

Fisk noted the Harriston Lagoon discharge commenced at noon on July 7.

He noted a Ministry of the Envrionment order states the town must create a plan regarding the disposal of the sludge by November 2010.

Minto has appealed the MOE order.

Original estimates from BM Ross included the designation of six bags [of sludge] for farmland, however there are now 25 bags worth of material.

Those bags remain on Town of Minto property.