Government doubles gas tax payments

Perth-Wellington MP Gary Schellenberger announced last week the federal government is accelerating and doubling gas tax payments to municipalities, effective this month.

The announcement means local communities will likely  see faster improvements to infrastructure.

“Our government is doubling the annual funding that municipalities receive as part of the Gas Tax Fund and making up to $1-billion available to municipalities almost three months early,” Schellenberger said. “This increased investment will help to create jobs and improve the quality of life in our local communities during this challenging economic time in our history.”

Below is a breakdown of the 2009-10 gas tax allocations for northern Wellington:

– Mapleton Township, $302,284, up from $151,142 in 2008-09;

– Wellington North, $367,335, up from $183,667;

– Minto,  $265,274, up from $132,637; and

– Wellington County, almost $2.64-million, up from just under $1.32-million.   

The federal gas tax transfers to the provinces and municipalities will double effective April 1, and will provide a total of $2-billion per year for municipalities to invest in projects like new roads, water treatment plants, improved buses and transit systems, as well as better sewers and bridges.  

The first payment will be made in April – three months earlier than usual – helping to stimulate regional economies and get projects started sooner.

“Our government is proud to be working with provinces and municipalities to deliver stable, predictable funding for infrastructure that Canadians use and depend on every day,” Schellenberger said.