Golf company gets permit for tunnel under County Road 19

Despite some objections, county coun­cillors voted 14-3 to allow Golf North to dig a tunnel under County Road 19.

The county roads commit­tee recommended approval of a tunnel connecting Golf North’s Belwood Lakes and Fairview golf courses, located between Fergus and Belwood.

County engineer Gord Ough’s report to the committee stated, “During the past eight weeks, the design deficiencies have been addressed, the loca­tion has been moved sub­stan­tially westward, the agreement has been polished by the coun­ty solicitor and [Golf North representative] Al Kavanaugh has submitted correspondence … outlining his long-term vision for the properties.”

Councillor Bob Wilson said, “I drive this piece of road probably more than anyone in this room.”

He said there are numerous accidents on the road, and people drive off the road on a regular basis.

“To put in a structure is to ignore people driving into the ditch there. I suggest it’s im­pos­sible to dodge liability. I think the county will be named in a [law] suit. It could be short sighted on our account. In these sorts of things, the county will be named.”

Councillor Mike Broom­head agreed with Wilson, and asked for a recorded vote.

Councillor Jean Innes said the tunnel is an underpass, and had an access and egress. “I don’t understand the issue.”

Wilson said, “No matter how you cut it, the egress is an obstruction in the ditch.

Councillor Gord Tosh de­clared a conflict of interest be­cause a relative owns property in the area.

Councillors Walter Trach­sel, Carl Hall, Dave Anderson, Brad Whitcombe, Rod Finnie, John Green, Lou Maieron, Innes, Mark MacKenzie, Lynda White, Chris White and War­den Joanne Ross-Zuj voted in favour.

Councillors Barb McKay, Wilson, and Broomhead were opposed.