Get on with it

Efforts by Minto council to accommodate the growing old-order Mennonite community in that town is a great idea and worth supporting.

For many years now, Mennonites have chosen to call northern Wellington home. Out of sight land prices to the south, and to the west in Waterloo Region make the move appealing. Equally compelling is the fact that many concession roads are not yet inundated with residences interspersed with working farms. That allows farmers to farm without repercussions from rural residents who might take offence to the smells coming from a farm.

As happened in old Waterloo County, accommodations were made over the years to respect Mennonites, who travel by horse and buggy. Roads, signs, and yes, even horse shelters, were erected for the safety and comfort of those citizens. As Mennonite numbers increase here, it is only good planning to take their needs into account and make them feel at home. As for costs, it is a minor investment that will benefit shop keepers, and ultimately, residents.

Minto council, to its credit, has recognized that economic development is about creating an environment where business can serve customers well. This is a good step toward that goal.