Garden must-haves: your guide to dressing for the garden

A new season means a new garden. It’s important to have the right clothing and equipment.

 Whether it’s your first seed or you’re an accomplished veteran, here are the must-have pieces you’ll need to be equipped for a successful gardening season.

Utility belt 

A handy addition to keep your gardening essentials within reach and accessible. Should be comfortable and be able to hold all the things you’ll need. Beats putting things in your pockets.



Instead of using a sticky mosquito spray, try mosquito repellent clothing. Choose a clothing line that is proven to repel mosquitoes.


Don’t let the dirt get under your nails. Look for waterproof gloves with grips that are true to size, helping to keep your hands safe from scrapes or cuts.


Sunglasses or protective eyewear will keep the dirt (and sweat dripping off your forehead) out of sight and out of mind. 

They’ll also increase your coolness factor by at least 20 per cent.


Waterproof and comfortable boots will take you from one pot to the next. From low top to high top, rubber to leather, choose a style and fit that suits your needs and will keep you moving and grooving.     

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