Funny family wins $10,000

The Klumpenhouwer home was abuzz with excitement last Sunday night – and for good rea­son.

The family won the $10,000 prize for the week’s best submission on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

“Our house was packed with people,” said Amy Klum­penhouwer. “And we had calls from people who didn’t know we had won. It was pretty amazing.”

The winning video, entitled Kickin’ it in the Crib, featured her son, Dustin-Anthony, just 18 months old at the time, in his crib propelling himself across the laminate flooring by pushing off the walls with his legs through the bars of his crib.

Once he reaches the change table in the corner of the room, Dustin-Anthony grabs his soother with great excitement, then proceeds to escape from his crib by climbing out onto the change table.

“I got my soo,” the infant says on the tape.

The video was captured by a camera on the change table, placed there by Amy and her husband, Matthew, in an at­tempt to uncover the truth be­hind their son’s David Cop­perfield-like escapes.

The Klumpenhouwers were blown away when they viewed the footage so they sent it in to the television show.

They were informed this sum­mer their video was being considered for the $10,000 weekly prize. The entire family – Amy; Matthew; Caleb, 9; Denver, 5; Dustin-Anthony, now 3; and Alana, two months – flew to Los Angeles for the taping on Sept. 27.

Amy was impressed with the free flight, great accommodations, and ample spending money the show provided.

The family took extra time to do some sightseeing, including the Grand Canyon, and really en­joyed being on the America’s Funniest Home Videos set, and meeting host Tom Bergeron.

“Denver really enjoyed it. He thought it was cool that Tom Bergeron gave him a high five,” Amy said.

But what really made the trip special, was the show’s outcome.

“You have absolutely no idea who wins until Tom Bergeron announces it,” Amy said. “We were very excited and hugging each other. We were astonished, really. It was awesome.”

However, the family had to keep their win a secret for six weeks, until the show aired on Nov. 9.

And in October, the family travelled to California again to tape the $100,000 grand prize episode, although they cannot reveal the results of that show until it airs on Dec. 14.

As for plans for the $10,000 Amy said she and Matthew may use it to help with the adoption of a little girl, something the couple has always wanted to do.

“It’s one of those unselfish things you can do with the mon­ey to help someone else,” she said. “Overall this was just a really exciting experience.”