Four more bridges closed in Centre Wellington

Township officials announced that four bridges in Centre Wellington were closed “indefinitely” on Oct. 8 “to ensure public safety.”  

Due to “severe structural deterioration” to the concrete structural elements due to age, the township’s engineers recommended closing the following bridges:

– Bridges No. 32-P and 33-P (Noah Road west of Eighth Line, Pilkington);

– Bridge No. 27-WG (Sideroad 20 between Fifth and Sixth Line, West Garafraxa); and

– Bridge No. 10-P (Fourth Line, 50 metres north of Sideroad 14).

Township officials stated in an Oct. 8 press release that the bridges will remain closed until they can be replaced.

“Due to the large number of bridges in the township that are in need of either major maintenance or replacement as a result of a common bridge age, it is not clear when these structures will be replaced,” the release states. “The township is regretful for inconveniences that this bridge closure will cause; however public safety is paramount.”

Closure signs and dead end roadway barriers were to be constructed by the township in advance of the closures.

According to a pre-budget report, eight township bridges were to be closed and another eight deemed at risk. One of the at-risk bridges (on the Fourth Line) is now closed, so the township has nine closed and seven at risk. Current plans include rebuilding of 13 bridges over the next decade.