First donkey education day held in Erin a success

The first Donkey Education Day held in the Erin area was an overwhelming success, organizers state.

It was a full house on Oct. 15 when vets, farriers, owners and donkey enthusiasts from a wide area gathered to listen to presentations by Kim Hayes and Chris Gerber of Longears Outreach Initiatives.

Topics included demystifying donkey behaviour, hoof care and understanding the special needs of donkeys.

The day finished with a hands on presentation of how to do health checks.

Longears Outreach Initiatives was formed to provide donkey and donkey hybrids care/welfare seminars and to act as a consulting service to help all those interested in the well being of donkeys and hybrids.

Hayes and Gerber  are dedicated to educating owners and equine professionals about the unique needs of these special animals.

The participants left with donkey information, new contacts in the donkey world and the knowledge that if anyone needs donkey assistance there are lots of people willing to lend a helping hand.