Fireworks to be part of homecoming festivities

Committee Chair Bill Smith welcomed 29 members and guests to a recent Clifford Homecoming 2017 meeting at the Knox United Church.

Smith announced a field was secured for a planed fireworks displays thanks to Doreen and Oscar Frey. They will donate the field and provide a roadway for fire trucks if needed.

Peter Buhrow and his historical team continue to receive more photos and will look into the costs of formatting movie reels into DVD’s to preserve the 1974 parade and other movies regarding Clifford.

Blair Wightman will chair the committee for parking and members of the firefighter’s association will provide assistance. Brett Uhrig is working on events with balloon rides, ball hockey, horseshoes, euchre, and paint ball scheduled.

Carolyn LeMay reported on a visit to the Merry Makers seniors meeting where they encouraged involvement and enlisted two volunteers to create bows for sale. The seniors enjoyed the chocolate, the souvenir shirts and hats, and found the slide show of photos quite a walk down memory lane.

Cheryl Tobin is rounding up gifts and gift certificates for the silent auction to be held along with the new years eve dance to kick off the year of celebrating. She is looking into rounding up rooms at local motels and bed and breakfasts to set aside for visiting party goers.

Janna Dally is promoting volunteerism by organizing a meet and greet barbecue on Aug. 18 for anyone wishing to learn more about the celebration.

Committee representatives are always looking for volunteers, so this will provide a chance to find where they would feel most comfortable volunteering on the Aug. 4 to 7, 2017 weekend or in any of the months leading to it.