Fergus family shares second ‘spooky’ Halloween video

FERGUS – For the second consecutive year, a local family hopes its YouTube video will help spread some Halloween cheer – and fear.

The Curse of Scream Valley, posted online on Oct. 22, is billed as a “spooky” tale for families to enjoy together.

The fun eight-minute video tells the story of a family of five that moves to a new town named Scream Valley, a section of which, according to local lore, is cursed by the ghost of an old woman who died many years ago after escaping from a mental institution.

Dad Nick Casselli said the response to the Fergus family’s first film last year was so positive, they decided to do it again.

“The kids were so happy to share the video last year with their friends and family and because of the wonderful reaction they were already thinking about planning a 2021 video last year,” Casselli told the Advertiser.

“Their cousins liked it so much they were all begging to be involved in the video this year. Also, the boys’ grandmother, Christy Doraty, wanted to be a part of it as this was an awesome opportunity to bond with her grandchildren.”

He explained he wanted to get “some local scenery into the film as we live in such a beautiful town (Elora/Fergus) with amazing landmarks.


“With Elora having its annual Monster Month we were inspirited to turn our town into a spooky ghost town (fictional name being Scream Valley, of course).”

Casselli said he expects the creepy video will become an annual tradition as “the wheels are already turning for next year’s ideas.”

The film stars Nick Casselli, Bridget Casselli, Sonny Casselli, Christy Doraty, Jackson Kelly, Mason Kelly, Samantha Doraty-McDougall, Stanley McDougall, Simon McDougall, Grace Lougheed and Isabelle Lougheed.

To find the video on YouTube search The Curse of Scream Valley.

To view last year’s video search A Lost Halloween Tale.