Fee to be charged for Mennomex sale

Minto stood in support of local businesses as councillors here recently rejected a request to waive additional fees for a business wanting to hold a weekend sale in Clif­ford.

Maria Martens, of Men­nomex, wrote to council asking that the $250 fee (which is over and above the regular hall rental fee) be waived for its sale planned at the township hall in Clifford this May.

Martens wrote, “We serve the Amish and Mennonite communities in your area, we offer them fabrics at low prices and would like to keep the prices low for them. Adding this fee to the cost of us coming will mean an increase to the price of our fabrics.”

“We started coming to your area in 2005 and have been coming once a year since. Ever since we first came, the community asked when we are coming back again.”

Clerk Barb Wilson offered a different take on the situation, stating the fee is imposed when the facility renter is from outside the area.

Wilson said the individual from Aylmer selling fabrics, is a competitor to local businesses, which also sell fabrics.

“The fee is to protect our people,” Wilson said.

Members of council agreed with that assessment and turned down the request.