Federal outrage

Letters to the editor and protests continue around the country while parliament is on an absence since proroguing was proclaimed last week.

Since that proclamation, the Liberal Party has seen two contenders withdraw from the leadership contest set for next year. By all accounts, MP Michael Ignatieff is destined for the top job in the interim, which could very well lead to a longer term scenario for him as Liberal leader.

It is gratifying to many of us that decry the state of democracy regularly, to see so many people mobilized and getting active. Some of the commentary we have read elsewhere is complete bunk and so off-base as to cause concern that parliamentary democracy is wholly misunderstood.

While having parliament essentially shut down is a great worry to people expecting leadership to be demonstrated in these troubled times, there is a silver lining to it all. With luck, Canadians will realize that the ultra-partisan nature of party politics and the plethora of parties in the house is actually a problem that needs to be addressed. It will be up to average Canadians to solve that problem.

As mentioned in the editorial last week, leadership in Ottawa is in scarce supply. Changes within the Liberal ranks are a start, but it seems to us that most leaders have shot their bolt already. It’s time for new blood, new ideas, and bold plans to offset the present democratic doldrums.

We can only hope the present outrage is not forgotten when the next election rolls around. Canadians deserve to know which leader is prepared to move ahead and operate in a far more cordial manner than what has been witnessed in recent weeks.