‘Feast’ive event slated for this weekend

The year is 1192; the place, England. The Third Crusade has come to an end. A tenuous peace with Saladin has been reached, though Jerusalem remains in his hands.

Newly elevated to Baron, Aelric of Blackthorn has re­turned home to claim his lands, bringing with him exotic treasures and guests from afar. Some members of his court, however, take a dim view of the inclusion of Saracens in the new baron’s retinue. Despite the tension, a lavish celebration has been prepared in Aelric’s honour –  and everyone is invited to The Crusader’s Feast.

A mediaeval dinner theatre experience, The Crusader’s Feast is presented by Black­thorn Productions, of Guelph, in conjunction with The Castle Sangrael and SwordQuest Productions.

The play is written and directed by Blackthorn’s Ian Walsh.

Founded in 2004, Black­thorn Productions is a not-for-profit company whose mandate is to present mediaeval history from the late 11th century to the late 12th century, the time of the first three crusades. The company has delighted children and adults alike at schools, libraries, festivals, and private events across Ontario. It also puts on theatre workshops and historical workshops gear­ed to the mediaeval period.

The Crusader’s Feast will take place this Saturday, at the Elora community centre. The doors open at 6pm so people may revel in the mediaeval atmosphere. Mingle with the play’s characters in their beautifully made and historically accurate costumes. Gain in­sight into the events of the evening and the relationships between the characters.  Enjoy the well-designed displays, and the period music, dance, and variety performers. Seating for the feast is at 6:30, with the play continuing all around. The meal includes two courses of six dishes each, plus dessert. There will also be a cash bar, door prizes, and a silent auction.

Tickets are $45. The couples rate is $75, and a group rate for ten or more is $35 per person. Tickets are available at the following locations: The Castle Sangrael, Elora, 519-846-2999; Jester’s Fun Factory, Fergus, 519-843-8887; The Gauntlet Comics and Games, Orangeville, 519-938-2220; and directly from Blackthorn Productions, 519-760-2238.