Farmers union to honour first ever Sustainable Farmer of the Year

Offi­cials with the local chapter of the National Farmers Union (NFU) are excited to honour a member of the local agricultural community at its coming annual general meeting.

Last week, NFU Waterloo-Wellington executive member Pat Brown told council the local chapter is excited to be offering its first ever Sus­tain­able Farmer of the Year award.

“The judges will have a difficult time picking a winner,” said Brown, who farms on the 4th Concession of old Arthur Township.

Students from?Erin District High School designed the inaugural award, Brown explained, and supper at the March 26 event will be prepared by chef Chris Jess and cooking students from Centre Wellington District High?School.

Neil McGavin will entertain the crowd during supper and in addition to the presentation of the award, the meeting will include an update on the campaign for new farmers, a year in review and elections for the 2010 committee.

The meeting will be held on March 26 at the Elora Legion at 6pm. Tickets are $15 and Brown asked council if it would support the event by purchasing 10 tickets and dispersing them as it saw fit.

Mayor John Green thanked Brown for his presentation and said council would consider the request in the coming weeks.