Farm safety matters

WELLINGTON CTY. – The County OPP is reminding all area farmers to ensure  safety around the farm is paramount this time of year. 

Cloes said during the busy harvest time, professional farmers and farmhands are being urged to use extra caution when dealing with heavy equipment and machinery. It only takes a brief second of inattentiveness for someone to be seriously injured or killed as a result of a misstep with a piece of farm machinery. 

A few of the most common injuries relate to combine machinery and auger mishaps.  Frequently the injuries happen when pieces of clothing like loose jackets, laces, or straps get dragged into the machinery ending in catastrophic results.  

People using any or all farm equipment should have a complete understanding of its use, capabilities and dangers associated to it, before using it. Farm equipment should only be used by fully trained and qualified adults at all times to ensure ultimate safety. Equipment users are encouraged to be well rested and alert at all times to enhance safety around farm equipment.  

Farm safety is vital for everyone to ensure that they all get home safe at the end of the work day. For further information on farm safety and related issues, please tap into the resources found at