Fair directors want councillors locked up

A local organization is lobbying to have members of Minto council locked up – all in fun, of course.

Warren Grein, treasurer of the Harriston-Minto Agricultural Society, urged members of council to get together to try out the new escape room attraction at the Harriston-Minto Fall Fair this weekend.

The 2017 fair, which runs Sept. 15 to 17, will feature three Grey Bruce Escape Room adventures, a medieval theme, a camping adventure and “Gramma’s Attic.”

Grein, part of a Sept. 5 delegation from the society, noted organizers are planning a number of new events for this year’s fair in place of traditional midway rides.

Grein said midway companies used to set up at fairs at no cost to organizers, and even shared “a small percentage of the proceeds,” but that has ceased to be the case.

“Now, operational costs have increased, insurance … everything has become a little more expensive so now they’d like money up front,” he said.

“The way the weather can be that can be a bit of a challenge recently. So to put up $15,000? We had to come up with some other ideas.”

A number of bouncy castles and a mini zip line for youngsters are among the other new features at this year’s fair.

Grein challenged councillors to register as a team for the escape adventure.

“It’s a great team-building exercise,” he said. “The election is next year, so that might be a great opportunity to do some team-building.”

Mayor George Bridge said, “I will volunteer this council for the escape room. I think that would be great.”