Everus goes green

A rural high-speed internet service provider is using the power of the sun to go green and help the environment.

Everus Communications, founded in Mount Forest, is harnessing energy from the sun to power its communications towers. 

Solar panel technology uses solar energy and turns it into electricity; those specific panels are known as photovoltaic solar panels. This state-of-the-art equipment is very useful in providing electricity to remote areas, especially areas where hydro is not available.

The pilot project was a com­munications tower near the Rocky Saugeen River on High­way 6 near Durham.

The solar panel was erected in July 2008 and since then has exceeded all expectations of the Everus management team.

“We are very excited to have solar technology on our equipment; it is important to us to provide the best service and protect our environment any way we can” said Everus vice president and founder, Twan Peeters.

The solar project at the Rocky Saugeen tower site was such a success that another sol­ar powered tower is in the works for residents in Price­ville.  The Priceville tower will be complete by the end of De­cember and Everus is eager to provide high-speed internet service to residents who previously have been using a dial-up connection. The solar tower expansion will grow as Everus continues to build new tower sites in Grey and surrounding counties.

The solar panel technology is not only good for the environment but also for internet users in the area. If a localized blackout occurs at the tower site, the solar powered tower has the capability to run for an additional two weeks while other communications towers would be non-functional during a power surge.

The solar panel towers are a major step in the Everus’ “going green” mission. Last month Everus took on the task to start converting supplier and customer invoices from hard copy to electronic copy. That task was undertaken to help eliminate unnecessary paper waste for internal and external communications with Everus. The response to the electronic invoices from Everus’ customers has been positive and encouraging. Everus officials stated they are determined to continue to find ways to be­come more environmentally friendly.

Everus Communications is a high-speed rural broadband internet service provider. It is one of the largest rural internet service providers in Ontario, with offices in Holstein and Waterloo.

For more information call 1-800-230-7778 or visit www.­everus.ca regarding the availability of high speed internet in various areas.