Everdale grows with $240,900 grant

Thanks to a four-year, $240,900 grant from the Ontario Trillium Foun­dation, the Everdale Orga­nic Farm and Environ­ment Learn­ing Centre will be hiring a new fund development and communications manager.

Officials there believe that will further strengthen the organization’s ability to devel­op and offer even more unique programs for people across the province.

“We look forward to broad­ening the impact of the exem­plary programs that Everdale is offering, both in terms of where we can offer them and how often we can offer them,” said Lynn Bishop, program man­ager.

Everdale is a non-profit charitable environmental learn­ing centre and organic farm. Its mandate is to promote the benefits of local food, organic farming, and sustainable living.

The Ontario Trillium Foun­dation is an agency of the government of Ontario that provides grants to eligible charitable and not-for-profit organizations.