Erin medium releasing “˜how to”™ mediumship book

Spiritual mediumship isn’t just for a select few; in fact, a medium in Erin says in her experience anyone can become a medium.

Mary-Anne Kennedy has been a practicing spiritual medium for about three years and has published a “how-to” book explaining how anyone can become a medium, whether for personal or professional purposes.

“It’s basically teaching someone who has no spiritual practice whatsoever, so no previous experience, no background … but having a desire or an inkling or an interest in connecting with spirit, it takes you from that stage all the way through the learning process, through a critical path, to all the milestones you sort of want or need to hit along the spiritual practice, all the way through to having a mediumship practice and doing it professionally,” she explained.

In Kennedy’s professional practice she works with clients from around the world, in one-on-one sessions as well as in groups, and she wrote her book because she repeatedly had clients say they wished they could be a spiritual medium.

“I wrote my book because week after week, day after day, just far too high a number of clients would say to me, ‘oh I wish I could do this, I want to know how to do it, can I do it?’ and the answer is ‘yes, for sure,’” Kennedy said. “In my professional practice as a medium, as a spiritual teacher, I have never ever met an adult who wanted to learn to connect with the spiritual world who couldn’t do it.”

The scheduled release date of How to become a medium: A step-by-step guide to connecting with the other side is Oct. 9 and Kennedy said it was rewarding to finish her book.

“It was an amazing creative experience and … you get to a point in what you do where it’s just spilling out of you, so for me it was like giving birth to these words, it was like I couldn’t wait to get them out and to get them on paper and to give them out,” she said.

Kennedy wrote How to become a medium: A step-by-step guide to connecting with the other side with the reader in mind, offering answers to questions she anticipates the reader will have, based on the chapter, from her professional practice and the feedback from fellow spiritual teachers.

“Because the point is I don’t want to talk at you,” Kennedy said. “It’s a book so in some ways it’s not an interactive experience but I wanted to make it as much about that as I could.

“I have a part in my book that answers these big ticket questions that people ask all the time and so it’s just more knowledge that I’m passing out … I have my pulse really closely on what people need to know to do this.”

Although in her experience everyone who wants to become a medium can, she did have some advice for beginners.

“Dedication goes a real long way and what I’ve found as a spiritual teacher is that often the most frustrating point people have in the spiritual journey is the beginning because something like meditation can be really difficult for people to get under their belt, but in the same breath I’ll tell you that it’s really easy for a lot of people but for those who it’s difficult for, they sort of want to rush past it but the truth is that’s the stage we can never rush past, we can’t rush through the meditation,” she said.

Meditation is the first step to becoming a medium and she said her readers could be receiving meaningful information from the other side within a couple of months of beginning their practice.

Kennedy’s book How to become a medium: A step-by-step guide to connecting with the other side has a release date of Oct. 9 and she has her first book signing scheduled at Chapters in Brampton on Oct. 17 at 1pm. For more information visit her website at