Erin goes to ROMA conference

TORONTO – Erin Mayor Michael Dehn and town council and staff members attended the annual Rural Ontario Municipalities Association (ROMA) conference in Toronto last week, a town press release states.

The event provided the town an opportunity to rub shoulders with provincial leaders and attend symposiums about issues facing rural communities.

“The provincial government is asking municipalities to supply infrastructure to help build homes for the province at the same time as it is reducing the fees we are able to collect for this infrastructure,” Mayor Michael Dehn stated in the town’s press release.

Dehn also wants scientific study to guide growth in an environmentally sustainable manner. 

“Having density numbers applied without having the underlying science completed well in advance of development may lead to a future crisis in rural communities if everyone is not following the data, exacerbated by global warming,” Dehn added.

The theme of the conference was “Closer to Home,” focusing on rural access to healthcare.

Premier Doug Ford, housing minister Paul Calandra, and provincial Liberal leader Bonnie Crombie were among keynote speakers. 

ROMA belongs to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and advocates for and represents small communities in government discussions and AMO meetings.