Erin Beef Club 1: First Meeting

The first meeting started off with everyone arriving and a short ice-breaker where members told their partner a little bit about themselves.

After that the elections took place. It was good and now the president is Ethan Totty, the vice president is Carlyn Cabral, the secretaries are Sarah Height and Kaila Livingston, the press reporters are Frank Kinlin and Josie Coe and the treasurer is Deirdra Kerr.

After that Rob Swackhammer, the vet, came in to do a presentation on keeping cows healthy. He said the most important part of a cow’s life is right when they are born because they need to get a lot of colostrum and then he showed the club a tube feeder. It is the last thing to give a calf if they won’t take a bottle or their mother’s milk.

That‘s the summary of the first meeting.