Erin: 2015 proposed capital budget highlights

Town council was presented a draft proposal of the new five-year capital budget plan on Jan. 20 and held a special public meeting for discussion on Jan. 27.

Town staff acknowledged the $13,321,662 proposed budget for 2015 is not the final proposal but the report was created to highlight the major areas of concern in the town.

General government

One of the biggest proposed capital projects under general government is a $100,000 filing system.


A large item under the fire category is a new custom pumper rescue truck with a cost of $264,000 in 2015 and $222,000 in 2016. Similarly, it is also proposed that $122,000 be spent on a new replacement pickup in 2015 and $125,000 on another in 2016.


In 2015 a large portion of the proposed capital budget will go into roads, with a proposed $2,477,395 going to the Station Street rehabilitation.

A further $4,502,849 is proposed to go towards rural road reconstruction and $1,617,342 is estimated for bridge and culvert construction and rehabilitation. There is also $221,410 allocated towards a major repair to the roads shop.


In the proposed budget $1,504,503 is proposed go to Erin system watermain replacement. A further $298,154 is proposed to go towards well house process equipment and instrument replacement, and $225,000 is proposed to go towards the well house meter upgrade program.


The total proposed servicing and settlement master plan (SSMP) environmental assessment allotment in 2015 is $1,004,580.


Community Centre

In the 2015 proposed budget of $257,899 is allocated for major maintenance on the Hillsburgh Community Centre, including ice boards, overhead doors, hollow metal doors, flooring in the hall, mill work in the hall and concessions, painting exterior cladding, suspended tile ceiling, life safety systems (ie. fire alarm), plumbing fixtures and lighting.

Erin Community Centre

In the 2015 proposed budget, the Erin Community Centre is set to receive $106,323 for major maintenance.


The tennis court is proposed to receive $100,000 for resurfacing of the five courts in the 2015 proposed budget.