Erin”™s 4-H square dancing club has begun

The first meeting of the Erin 4-H Square Dancing Club was held on Oct. 30.  

Club leaders Megan, Jennifer, and Jarrett showed the club members common square dancing steps that they would learn and perform to.  

Club members danced in the shape of a square and a pentagon, and learned how to dance to easy steps.  Soon we were square dancing.  About half way through our meeting, the election of officers took place.  

Our club president is Madison, our vice-president is Deirdre, our club secretary is Nadia and our club press reporter is Sarah.  

The meeting was officially opened by club President Madison. Members then continued to learn more new steps and moves, and practiced dancing them to music.  

The meeting was closed with the 4-H Pledge. Members were excited to hear that for our achievement program we would be square dancing on one of the floats in the Rockwood Parade of Lights this coming December.

submitted by Sarah Ceccato