Eramosa 4-H Beef Club will be at fair

Fergus Fall Fair here we come.

As achievement day looms closer the Eramosa 4-H Beef Club prepares for the achievement day competition.

On Sept. 2 the Eramosa 4-H beef club met at the Wallace family farm for our annual show and fit meeting.  As soon as everyone arrived the club headed out to the barn to learn about showmanship.

All of the members took turns walking one of the four calves the Wallaces have been training for the fair.  While taking the cattle around the “ring,” leader Scott Bessy explained what to do in the show ring. The club discussed everything from how to enter the ring, to how to hold the halter.

After the club headed inside, then Valerie opened the meeting. The Beef Club watched a clipping video and talked about the upcoming fair. Valerie closed the meeting with the 4-H pledge, then the club enjoyed refreshments provided by the Wallaces.

Come see the Eramosa  4-H Beef Club at their achievement day, Sept. 18, at the Fergus Fall Fair.