Emily Dickinson play at Ennotville library

The Summer Theatre here conti­n­ues its 2008 season at the local library with The Belle of Amherst opening July 3.

The play is a biographical portrait of the great American poetess Emily Dickinson, told largely through her own letters and poetry.

Reclusive, eccentric, some would even say crazy, only a handful of her poems were pub­lished during her lifetime.. It was only after she died and the bulk of her works come to light that her true genius was recognized. The action of the play is set when Dickinson is 53 years old.

There is only one photo­graph of Dickinson in exis­tence, and it is from age 17, so it is merely conjecture what she may have looked like at that time in her life.

Indeed, by age 53 it had been many, many years since she had even ven­tured outside her father’s house in Amherst, Massachusetts.

The play was first made famous by Julia Harris, who performed the role on Broad­way and in London.

Grinder Productions veteran Sara Dunbar will take on the main role. The play is directed by another Grinder veteran, Rachel Behling.

The production will have a cabaret-style seating arrange­ment, with tea and treats to enjoy during the performance. It will be like Dickinson herself has invited people over, and they are sitting in her living room as she regales them with the story of her life.

For tickets and showtimes call 519-780-7593.