Elmira troupe holds auditions for show

The Elmira Theatre Com­pany has just completed a suc­cessful 2008-09 season and is getting ready for the next one

Moonlight and Magnolias, by Ron Hutchinson, will be directed by Sue Jennings.

The show is about a much loved movie. David O. Selz­nick has shut down production on the most eagerly anticipated movie in history – Gone with the Wind – scrapping the ori­ginal script and sacking the director in the process.

He is determined to get a rewrite in five days, and he engages the services of ace script doctor Ben Hecht – possibly the only per­son in America who has not read the novel.

Selznick also poaches mov­ie director Victor Fleming straight from the set of The Wizard of Oz where he has been squabbling with the Munchkins and coming to blows with Judy Garland. Selznick’s reputation is on the line, and with nothing but a stockpile of peanuts and ban­anas to sustain them, he locks himself in his office with his two collaborators, and a mara­thon creative session be­gins.

The audition times are June 22 and 24 at 7pm at the Elmira Theatre Company, 76 Howard Avenue, Elmira.

The show requires:  three men and one woman. No ex­perience is necessary and all are welcome.

The cast includes:

– David O. Selznick, play­ing age 35 to 55; movie pro­ducer;

– Ben Hecht, age 35 to 55; screenplay writer;

– Victor Fleming, 35 to 55, movie director; and

– Miss Poppenguhl, 30, sec­retary.

 Elmira Theatre Company is a community theatre organi­zation. New faces are always welcome, on stage and off, and no experience is necessary.

Show dates are Feb. 10 to 20, and the show is the troupe’s in-festival Western Ontario Drama League entry.

 For more information call Sandy Weiler at  519-888-7497.