Educators celebrated with a drive-through celebration

Celebrations – The Drayton Heights Public school community surprised two local educators with a drive-through celebration in Drayton on June 13.

Lynn Straus, who has been a teacher at Drayton Heights school for 31 years, is retiring this month and Andy Speers, who taught at the school for 16 years, is transferring to a school in Elora. Family members brought the two teachers to Drayton where they were met by organizers in Centennial Park and led on a drive around town, where families from over 50 homes were in driveways, on front lawns and on porches for the send-off.

“People were out front with signs, flowers, balloons, cards, gifts to celebrate these two amazing teachers who will be missed dearly by staff and students,” said Heather Clemmer, one of the organizers of the celebration. “We felt it was the best way, due to the current circumstances, to acknowledge them.”


The celebration caravan drives by a waiting family.